Prayer List – August 2009

August 2009

Your prayers are requested for the following persons for various reasons. Please pray for our Lord to meet their needs. Remember also our members and friends who are homebound or in nursing homes.

  • Jeff Alexander
  • Johnette Anzer
  • Sean Bargar
  • Joyce Burke
  • Janet Ciocchi
  • Mabel Contic
  • DUMC Congregation
  • Vie Evans
  • Ann Falbo
  • Carole Fogle
  • Ray Griffin
  • Lou Grumbach
  • Lynn Hawkins
  • Hess Family
  • Roy Hodgeson
  • Jeff Hudson
  • Iraq & Afgahnistan
  • Pastor Ed Kester
  • Dick Kvist
  • Martha and James Lancaster
  • Celeste Landers
  • Jeanette Lautenschlager
  • Vicky Layman
  • Members of the Armed Services
  • Jean Merritt
  • Joyce Merritt
  • John Neiderer
  • President Obama and Congress
  • Ray Phillips
  • Sarah Popp
  • Audrey Roupe
  • Geri and Dennis Shifflett
  • Howard Singley
  • Gracie Stephens
  • Dr. Dean Tippett
  • Mary Whitacre
  • Kathleen White
  • All those facing challenges due to economic conditions

If you have placed someone on the Prayer List, please call the church office at 410-284-4818 and update their status. Generally after someone has been on the prayer list for 3 months, they will be removes unless you update their status and request they remain on the list. Thank you.

Mornington Players Auditions – The Frog Prince

The Mornington Players will be holding auditions for their children’s musical theatre production of The Frog Prince, directed by Kristen Cooley, on Monday July 27th and Tuesday July 28th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Actors of all ages are encouraged to attend. Please bring a headshot and resume’ if you have one. Actors will read from the script and have their vocal range

Production will run Fridays at 7:00 p.m., Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., and Sundays at 12:30 p.m., September 18th – September 27th. Audition times will be open, but scheduled times can be arranged if

Cast breakdown:

  • Euripides – Frog narrator extraordinaire.
  • Princess Pandora – A lovely young lass who is living under a witch’s curse.
  • Prince Eric/Eric the Frog – A small frog who was once a handsome prince.
  • Cricket – A cute young girl frog.
  • Jumper – A think-skinned boy frog.
  • Auntie Drizelda – A wicked schemer who uses magic to cast her evil spells.
  • King Glum – A gentle and kind-hearted ruler.
  • Jester – The king’s foolish servant.
  • Dream Prince – a vision representing the knight young Eric once was.
  • Snookums – Drizelda’s enormous pet snake.

The Mornington Players are located at 6903 Mornington Road, Baltimore, MD 21222.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to have your name put on the list. Please include preference of day and necessary contact info.

Visit the Mornington Players Website for more information!

Church Wide Open

A joint service with the following churches will be held at Chesterwood Park on July 26, 2009: Lodge Forest UMC, Patapsco UMC, Graceland UMC, St. Matthews UMC, and Dundalk UMC. No services will be held at the respective churches during this time. All are welcome to attend. Bring a dish and a lawn chair; games will be held in the afternoon.

Bring your regular church offering envelopes to this services. Following the service someone designated from each church will assist in separating the envelopes for their church. Loose offering will go toward the cost of the park and left over loose offering will be divided equally among the churches. You may want to bring a lawn chair for your use at the park.

Carpooling will be set up from Dundalk United Methodist Church if you are unable to make it to the park starting around 9:30AM. We hope to see you there!

Directions to Dundalk United Methodist Church

Need directions to get here?  Click here for turn-by-turn directions to our church.  All are welcome to come to Sunday services.  We look forward to seeing you there!



About Us – Dundalk United Methodist Church

Curious about the history of Dundalk United Methodist Church or just want to learn more?

Serving since 1930, our Christ-centered, people-oriented mission is to serve God by worshiping, and to serve the community by evangelizing and recognizing and meeting human needs. Dundalk United Methodist Church was organized as a mission of Patapsco Methodist Episcopal Church.

The first Sunday School class met on October 5, 1930 in the Odd Fellows Hall at Baltimore Avenue and Willow Spring Road. On January 4, 1931, our first worship center (shown below), located on Willow Spring Road on a lot given by The Bethlehem Steel Company, was consecrated.

Willow Spring Road (1931)

Dundalk United Methodist Church Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Bethlehem Steel Company donated the present site early in 1937. The building here was consecrated on March 27, 1938 and the mortgage burned on Palm Sunday, March 29, 1942 (shown below).

Dundalk United Methodist Church (1938)

DUMC Mortgage Burning

On June 27, 1954, the present larger sanctuary and organ were dedicated (shown below).

Dundalk United Methodist Church Organ and Sanctuary Dedication (1954)

The educational building was consecrated on March 13, 1963 (shown below).

Dundalk United Methodist Church Education Wing Construction (1963)

In 1968, we became known as Dundalk United Methodist Church. Community College of Baltimore County Dundalk campus began in our church building. Classes met here from August 1971 through June 1973, when CCBC Dundalk move to its present site.

Dundalk United Methodist Church - 75th Anniversary

Welcome to Dundalk United Methodist Church


Welcome to Dundalk United Methodist Church’s website! We are a Christ-centered, people-oriented church set in the heart of Dundalk, Maryland.

Find out more about our history. Come join us every Sunday for worship starting at 9:45AM.

Pastor: Dan Kutrick
Worship in the Sanctuary: 9:45AM Sunday
Sunday School: During worship (10:00-10:45)

6903 Mornington Road
Dundalk, MD. 21222